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HUNGARY Budenz József Primary and Secondary School     

                    Budenz József Primary and Secondary School is  situated in the green belt of the second district on the hily Buda aide of the  Danube.Carrying on the traditions of the Labanc Primary School founded in 1897,it  has been operating in a compound of an old and a new building (the latter one  was constructed in 1984). In 1996   a grammar school section   was added to the primary classes.

The school boasts excellent educational  facilities and a highly motivated staff providing a total of 650 children, and  50 teachers.

The 13 years during which childrenattend our  school offer different forms of education ranging from teaching entire classes  to working in small groups, in pairs or individually, according to each pupil’s  special interests.Children are also given the opportunity to attend extra  curriculum classes,such as preparatory   courses for secondary/university studies as well as for contests in  different subjects, computer related activities, music, drama, pottery, puppet  making, sports (floorball.basketball,handball).

The school specialises in foreign  languages, particularly in English and  German, both taught from their very first year at school.From the seventh year  they start learning the second foreign language. All the languages are studied  in small groups.

In our school a great emphasis is put on lower  primary school education, as it is the first four years that are to provide  pupils with a firm basis for any further studies (literature, natural science,  computer-related subjects).         At he end of the eight year children intending  to pursue their studies in our grammar school can do so, and they are requested  to specialise in Hungarian Literature and Grammar or in Mathematics, and also  in the two foreign languages.

In the first year of secondary school students  learn English in 12 lessons a week. The aim of this is to improve their English  knowledge and to help them prepare for the intermediate language exam. From the  second year they are taught English in 5 lessons a week.


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